Kidipedia: Partena’s new intranet for the child allowance funds

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Kidipedia shows the way around Partena’s child allowance funds.

Right before the summer holidays, Partena’s new intranet for its child allowance funds, has gone live. Because of a change in legislation, making this a regional matter instead of part of the federal jurisdiction, the company needed separate content for Belgium’s different regions. Moreover, it was necessary to manage the integration of the two funds that Partena recently acquired, those of Attentia and Mensura (now combined into Parentia).

Complex operation

“With the new portal, called Kidipedia, we try to be as thorough and specific as possible,” says Marc Nens, Director Support Services at Partena. “Our employees will find everything they need to help our customers, such as news, links to important information and an extended document section, mainly about legislative matters, but manuals and courses too. On top of that, however, there is room for checking one’s personal KPI’s as well.”

When an intranet – like many other constructions – requires a make-over, it is always a crucial decision whether to build a new platform or alter the existing one. In this case, a number of technical limitations made it impossible to build any further on the old intranet. Nevertheless, some of its elements have been re-used in order to save time and budget.

“It was quite a complex operation,” Nens explains. “Sii had to work together with our partner for the visual elements and with other third parties as well, but in the end, they managed to pull it off nicely.”


Getting used to the new tool

Kidipedia is still relatively new and not all the necessary documents are available on the intranet yet, but overall the Partena staff is very positive about the new tool. “Obviously, it takes some time for people to get used to a new way of working”, says Nens. “Sometimes people are still waiting for an e-mail in their inbox to announce something new, whereas it has already been published on the intranet for a while. Old habits die slowly, I guess…”

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