Save time and money with e-signatures

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How an e-Signature can save your company both time and money

Digital transformation has evolved from being a nice to have to becoming an absolute need. You need to transform the way your organization works, increase collaboration between employees and save time by transforming your organization into a modern & digital workplace. In the context of cloud collaboration, the paperless office has made its way in several companies. Apart from the environmental and digitization reasons, a paperless office is also in the advantage of the GDPR regulation.

Picture1.pngThink about all the documents that need a signature: all kinds of contracts from HR, partnership agreements for co-operation with partners, vendors, etc. Different departments are subject to this matter. Most companies are using the “print – sign – scan – send back” system. You print a document, sign it manually and then you either scan the document and send it back by mail, or you send the hard copy back via post mail. It takes time, paper and it makes administration unnecessarily complicated.

Electronic signatures are more and more becoming part of the digitalization in companies, since it makes process and contract management much easier and digital. Next to the fact that signatures save you time and paper, what are the other reasons your organization should opt for an electronic signature workflow?

Not a document out of sight

If you are using SharePoint and other file sharing platforms, you always know where your files are and who already signed what. No more looking around for lost paperwork. Your administration is no longer a heap of lost documents you need to sort out ‘if and when you find some spare time’. Keep your administration in your pocket.

Within your budget

It might seem like an investment to implement e-signing in your office. In the long run however, it will save you a serious amount. No more fines due to overdue contract signing, vague legal agreements, no more printing costs, no more searching time… The software is budget-friendly and scalable to your needs.

Meet deadlines every time

You can access the important documents anywhere, whenever you want. eSignLive has a guaranteed up-time of over 99.999%. Whether you are on holiday or stuck in traffic, your documents don’t have to wait for the postman, scanner or fax. Just open the application, sign and send. You will never miss an important deadline again.


Ever signed 200 documents at once? Are you still feeling the carpal-tunnel in your wrist? Or did you ever try to get 20 autographs underneath one fully-packed Word-document? How much time did it cost to get the physical document from one signer to the other? With eSignLive, you can automate your workflows. The software will sign those 200 documents for you at once. No more waiting around, all autographs can be gathered in one click.


Last but certainly not least, eSignLive is fully GDPR compliant. You can store your documents in a secured public cloud, in an ensured private cloud or in your trusted on-premise servers. eSignLive has global datacentres and is compliant with all local regulations. That safe hidden behind your office’s painting? You can now use it to store your jewels, instead of heaps of paperwork.

SII Belgium is partnering with eSignLive to make your business processes and contract management much easier thanks to safe & secure electronic signatures. We have hosted a seminar on electronic signatures in the past. Curious about how e-signatures can be integrated in your workflows? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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