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You may have seen the hashtag #Digitalists on our website, social media, brochures and events. But What is a #Digitalist? What does he/she do? And most important: why the name #Digitalist? By reading this quick Q&A, you’ll be up to speed in no time!

Q: What is a #digitalist? 

#Digitalists are SII Belgium employees who are passionate about IT and technology in general. It is the combination of the world ‘digital’ and ‘specialist’: two keywords that sum up the identity of our employees. They are kind and warm, love to learn more and help their co-#digitalists. They also like to go the extra mile for customers.

Q: How to recognize a #digitalist?

At every event, you will find us wearing typical smurf blue hoodies of course! Beware of the smurf blue invasion!

booth dmf2017


Q: Why does a #digitalist love working for SII Belgium?

Discover the video here! Yannick, Raf and Jamel will tell you all about it.

Q: Why did we choose the word #Digitalist?

3 reasons:

  • With this term, we are focusing on our digital DNA, knowledge sharing and experience we acquired over the years. As said earlier, the word #Digitalist is a combination of ‘Digital’ & ‘Specialist’: exactly who we are. But it’s more than just that. A #digitalist carries the values of our company and is proud to be a #digitalist.
  • In the past, we were known as the Uniwayers, with reference to our company name ‘Uniway’ and our ‘unique way’ of working. The term “SII’er” caused pronunciation problems in different languages and people did not know in what context or industry we are working.
  • Our other favourite word #Digitalent was taken B-)

Q: What values does a #digitalist carry?

We base our values on the following three pillars: FASTER, STRONGER, FURTHER.

Our people are driven and embrace each other like a family. Being passionate about IT and developing your skills is one thing, but our values also focus on client relationships and team spirit. #Digitalists are agile and flexible in terms of projects and go the extra mile for themselves, their team and their customers.

  • For themselves: #digitalists have ambitions and want to further develop their career. They want to stay at the forefront of technologies with trainings and courses and are always faster in embracing the latest versions of the technologies used.
  • For the team: Every #digitalist has his own strength and we realize that we are stronger together in a team. We help each other, we learn from each other and we have fun with each other.
  • For the customer: At SII, a #digitalist doesn’t talk nonsense. We are very pragmatic and gets quickly to the point. No high level talks and vague concepts. Good communication skills and knowhow are the key to a successful project and a satisfied customer. We like to go further than other agencies, because  our objective is to deliver work beyond expectations.

Q: How was the “Digitalist” hastag born?

A whiteboard, markers and a lot of keywords and ideas. Which terms sound good, reflect our team and has a nice flow? It shouldn’t be too long or too short. Check in databases if the term we want is not protected or doesn’t already exist in our industry…

Q: Can I become a #Digitalist?

Of course you can! Did you read this blog and think: this is me, this is exactly me and this is what I want to be? Do you find yourself in those values we care for this much?

We are always looking for extra #digitalists to join our team. Curious about our vacancies? What are you waiting for?


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