Our day at Digital First 2017

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Digital First was a big success! On the 19th of October 2017, everyone who works in digital gathered together at Tour & Taxis to discover all the latest developments of digital. SII Belgium was present with the whole team and was excited to check out the interesting sessions that were planned that day! You probably saw our #digitalist team in our brand new blue hoodies – yes, we belong together!


There were some technical issues at the first sessions of the day, but we gladly choose to neglect them as we’ve had an inspiring day at DF17. Some sessions worth mentioning:

Vaimo wanted to emphasize the importance of a product information management system (PIM). You products need to be managed easily and Vaimo asked people the question if their product data is ready for online, POS and print. They gave a demo of the ‘Inriver’ tool: a project information management tool that works well with Episerver CMS.

Nucleus, a hosting solutions company points out the importance of a stable environment for your application or site and how to reach it (24/7 monitoring, data center duplication, …). One their website, you’ll even find a calculator that calculates how much money you’re losing when your site/ system is unavailable or not stable.

The session of Yuki taught us why accounting is sexy. Enough with the boring interfaces of accounting programs. Yuki has separated the accountant and the self-employed and created different interfaces depending on who is logged in to the system. A beautiful example of how to improve customer experience by giving people what they need. Yuki is a Cloud based administration platform that allows you to digitize and automate your administration. In her presentation, Sano will be talking about the disruptive changes that are taking place in every industry when it comes to digitalization. She will introduce you to Yuki and explain to you how you can easily outsource all “boring but necessary” accounting tasks in a clever way.

Flexmail on the other hand wanted to make e-mail marketers aware of the GDPR impact on e-mail marketing. The basis of the GDPR regulation is that permission of personal data has to be given freely and explicitly while being well informed. The consumer needs to know exactly what their data is used for and you as a company must keep track of all those details.

Personalization is key these days, whether it’s on an e-commerce website, in e-mail marketing or in the products you offer. E-mail personalization has proven its use, and we’re not only talking about the products highlighted in the e-mail. According to Actito, simply addressing the user with his name (admit, this is a quick win), leads to a higher open rate. You simply need to link your database to your e-mail of check a box in your e-mail.

In the Keynote room, Pinterest shared information about their latest development: Pinterest Lens. This visual discovery tool (still in beta version) makes it suddenly a lot easier to discover related ideas. You can simply point at shoes and check out other styles and you’ll even find a link to buy the article online for example. The main goal of Pinterest is to give people ideas. Facebook is for sharing, Google is for searching and Pinterest is for inspiration.

It was a day full of interesting sessions, and as a company active in the digital world, we could cannot stress enough the importance of the digital transformation that needs to happen in your organization. Check out our brochure about our services to see how we can help you make your organization more efficient and productive.

Of course, we also want to thank everyone who has visited our booth and participated in our drone contest. The lucky winner has been contacted, but we hope to see you soon at another event!



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