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In our blogs, we find the space to write down our thoughts and advice on the technologies we work with. We also like to give you a reflection of what’s going on at SII Belgium, the atmosphere, how we perceive things and people. As from today, we’re starting a new section in our blog that unites all the articles about life at SII Belgium, called “InSiide”. Thanks to InSiide, you’ll get a glimpse of the people, atmosphere and way of working at SII Belgium. Ready to take off? Enjoy your first InSiide!

A few months after the rebranding, SII Belgium keeps growing and expands its “Productivity & Collaboration” business unit (P&C). SII Belgium has already helped clients in the process towards the New Way of Working in the past thanks to motivated and competent SharePoint & Office365 experts. Well, it’s obvious that we keep investing in this business unit. But if you ask us, the real investment is the one in our employees.

The highest Microsoft competency status

We’re gold! SII Belgium invests in its employees and looks for the most challenging projects. Thanks to our motivated P&C members and exciting projects, Microsoft acknowledges our expertise in digital transformation by rewarding us with the Gold status for the relevant competencies. In the case of P&C, these are the competencies “Cloud Productivity” and “Content & Collaboration”. We reached this status after our team members have passed the Microsoft exams with flying colours. Depending on the required exams and the interests of our employees, we carefully define a certification development plan. This is the SII ecosystem shortly explained: give your employees the chance to grow, and your company growth will follow easily. It’s one the most important values at SII Belgium. They get certified, become more experienced and can handle bigger and more complex projects, which is good for the company. It’s not rocket science, right?

New challenges for the new Business Unit Manager

Jamel Hajaji has recently been appointed Business Unit Manager of the Productivity & Collaboration unit. We’re hearing you say “How on earth is this an investment?”. Jamel is one of the living examples that you can grow at SII Belgium. Your career matters to us. Jamel has evolved from SharePoint business consultant to SharePoint Team lead and now leads the business unit with great dedication. His strong technical expertise and client-oriented consulting approach show that he was the ideal candidate for the job. He was seen as the missing link between the team and the clients and he is at their service at any time. Jamel is also full of ideas to keep innovating the business unit as time passes by. A new business strategy and new approaches are part of this. In the light of this blog post however, we would like to point out an important improvement that stresses our corporate value of knowledge sharing between employees.

Learning & knowledge exchange

Together with HR, Jamel and his team members introduced an own development plan to follow up on the evolution of the Productivity & Collaboration tools we work with. This development plan which is called the Centers Of Excellence (CoE), consists of 7 areas: Governance, Process Automation, Development, Infrastructure, Mobility and Communication & Collaboration (C&C). The productivity & collaboration tools that are relevant for the modern workplace projects are divided into those 7 areas. Depending on his interest, every team member of the business unit chooses a Center of Excellence which he will have to focus on., read articles, test demo’s etc. Everyone then summarizes the most important news and updates of his CoE on the monthly Productivity & Collaboration team meeting and shares the main updates of every Center of Excellence – with éclairs, like our new tradition requires. In this way, everyone is up to date in an organized way!

Don’t forget: Empower your employees by supporting them in their career development. The better they become, they better you become as a company. Because no matter how you spin it: you’re a team. And hopefully, a happy team.

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