QR codes are back : they are now natively supported by iOS 11

Coming in iOS 11, the native camera will have built-in support for QR codes. Third-party apps are no longer needed to scan them. QR code adoption may (finally!) see a bump in usage over the coming years. Native support for QR codes in iOS 11 will open the doors for some interesting mobile interactions…

QR Codes act as a recognizable, customizable and easily integrable visual stimulus to accelerate and facilitate an immediate, sharable and measurable interactive customer experience between offline and online media. It offers an opportunity to create original and uniquely memorable consumer experiences that can consciously or unconsciously influence the consumer’s decision process and reinforce the customer relationship with the brand.

Mobile services support various situations in everyday life for both consumers and businesses. The market penetration of mobile internet and the latest generation of mobiles devices, such as smart phones or tablets, have made mobile services increasingly important.

Enabling access to information or services anywhere and anytime through mobile devices contributes to bringing the physical and the virtual worlds closer together. Consumers buy on-line products they discovered in a physical store or reversely. Customer behavior is influenced by multiple messages presented on both offline and online media, through different entry channels and different devices. Sales, marketing and advertising must definitely build strategies that break the frontier between both worlds in a complementary and coherent way.

Mobile Tagging based on 2D barcodes, so-called ‘tags’, facilitates the accessibility of mobile services from the physical environment. Placed on any object, tags are scanned by a dedicated application that redirects users to a mobile web site or a mobile application that proposes additional information or mobile services. A static medium can be linked to an appealing online video, a contest or a coupon. A product can be linked to additional online information, like an installation manual or initiate a customer review shared on social networks.

Mobile tags could contribute to media creativity in order to help brands to emerge from the ocean of advertising messages. With mobile tags, “everything is a medium”. But given the actual flood of ads to which consumers are already exposed, will we not finally contribute to drowning the consumer with more and more advertising…?

The technological evolution pushes sales and marketing strategists to constantly integrate new tools, new concepts that tend to influence consumer behavior and to generate new expectations. “Customer experience” and “Engagement” are probably two of the key notions in the current advertising landscape under the dominion of the “Kingdom of Multi & Cross”.

The basis of the communication is changing in such a way that the sender is expected to send to the receiver more than a message but a Customer Experience, and the sender is expecting from the customer more than a feedback but an Engagement!

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